Professional Services

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PSA has experienced valuers, financial analysts, engineers and surveyors with in-depth market knowledge and practical experience.  Our core team has accumulated a wealth of experience through their past career development and can assist corporates and individual clients in finding solutions and fulfilling operational and statutory requirements of their daily business.

Diverse Spectrum of Services

Our scope of services comprises three main categories:

Our services cover various assets including:

  • Real Estate
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Intangible Asset and Financial Instruments

Our reports are prepared based on specific purposes of the assignments:

  • Financial reporting
  • Transaction reference
  • Financing
  • IPO and circular
  • Merge & Acquisition
  • Statutory and Taxation
  • Liquidation
  • Insurance
  • Litigation
  • Land resumption and compensation
  • Cost accounting
  • Property assessments

Valuation Services

PSA’s valuation team comprises experienced qualified valuers and appraisers who have handled various types of assets and possess local market intelligence. Our valuation services include:

Real Estate Valuation

Our real estate valuation services provide our clients with impartial opinion on market value or fair value of properties in Greater China region for various purposes such as financial reporting, IPO and circular, financing, merges & acquisitions, joint ventures, insurance and statutory requirements. The properties we valued include residential, commercial and industrial properties, hotels and resorts, serviced apartments, development sites and specialized properties.

Plant and Machinery Valuation
Our plant and machinery valuation team has extensive experience in valuing different kinds of machineries and equipment including infrastructure, public utilities, manufacturing facilities, marine vessels, cable & pipeline (submarine and underground), and aircraft (private and commercial). Our experts have comprehensive knowledge on different machinery & electronic equipments. We are able to conduct P&M valuation on world-wide basis.

Intangible Asset and Financial Instruments Valuation

Our business valuation experts provide valuation services for various kinds of assets including financial instruments (convertible bonds, financial guarantees, employee stock options), business license, intellectual properties (patents, trademarks, brands, copy right, etc), toll roads, operation license, biological assets and mining right.

Depending on the nature of business and special type of assets, we shall invite relevant academic or research institutes or industrial experts to provide expert opinion or consultancy service to support our valuation works so as to enhance the reliability of our valuation opinion on different kinds of asset and business to our clients. We commit to provide valuation in compliance with domestic and international valuation requirements and standards all over the world if required.

Advisory Services

In the dynamic business world, market condition and product life cycle have been changing according to market trend, latest regulations and new technology. With in-depth market knowledge and acute market sense, PSA provides objective advisory reports and opinion and helps clients to cope with the challenging business and market situation.


Our advisory services cover the following scope:

  • Due diligence
  • Property transaction advice
  • Litigation support
  • Appraisal reviews
  • Plant operating review
  • Remaining life studies on plant and machinery
  • Corporate depreciation & historical cost studies
  • Fire insurance placement or proof of loss


Consultancy Services

Conducting business transaction or launching a new project, no matter how small scale it is, it may involve risk and opportunities. As a prudent professional firm, PSA can assist our clients in minimizing and managing the risk element of a transaction or project. Our consultancy reports and analysis can bring to our clients a better understanding on the latest market condition or business so as to make a well-informed decision.

Our consultancy services include the following scopes:

  • Market research
  • Property analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Industry analysis
  • Asset disposal, acquisition or lease