Our Experience

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Our core team has accumulated a wealth of experience through their past career development.  Our experts’ capability and diverse experience include but not limited to the followings:


  • Valuation of various properties for court submission
  • Valuation of various properties for land resumption and compensation purposes
  • Valuation and due diligent work for asset injection to listed companies by parent companies in Hong Kong and China
  • IPO Valuation and due diligence for various enterprises (covering property, intangible assets, and plant & machinery)
  • Valuation of properties for public circular for various listed companies in HKEx and Stock Exchange of Singapore
  • Valuation of intangible assets and financial instruments in Hong Kong and China (property investment companies, retail business, company share options, etc.)
  • Valuation of hotels, resort centers and golf courses in Greater China region and South East Asian countries
  • Valuation of various assets for joint venture purposes (including development sites, commercial and industrial properties, intangible assets)
  • Valuation of distressed asset portfolio in Hong Kong and China
  • Valuation of commercial portfolio, residential development and industrial portfolio in Mongolia
  • Valuation of various infrastructures such as toll roads, airports, water facilities, power plants (covering property, plant and machinery and intangible assets) for purchase price allocation purposes
  • Valuation of various plant and machinery including marine vessels and aircrafts for corporate financing purposes
  • Cost of replacement valuation for insurance purposes

Advisory & Consulting

  • Property market research of a New Town in Hong Kong
  • Market research of property sectors (office sector, residential land sector, luxury serviced apartment sector, etc.) in various 1st and 2nd tier cities of China
  • Soci-economic research of various 1st and 2nd tier cities of China
  • Land price analysis on specific area of China
  • Commercial property yield analysis in 2nd tier cities of China
  • Measurement of Internal Floor Area of buildings in China
  • Area measurement of shopping mall and interpretation of district boundary
  • Plant operation and condition review as part of due diligence in connection with a company’s initial public offering in the Stock Exchange of Singapore.
  • Depreciation allowance allocation for rating appeals and taxation purposes.
  • Remaining life studies for taxation and accounting purposes.
  • Fair rental studies for internal management and investors’ reference.
  • Plant and machinery market study for disposal reference purposes.
  • Industry analysis for investors’ reference purposes.

Financial Analysis

  • Financial analysis, market advisory and due diligent work of property development projects in Taiwan
  • Review of financial viability study of commercial developments in 1st tier city of China
  • Financial viability study of a commercial and residential composite development in 2nd tier city of China
  • Financial modelling of shopping malls in China



Project Marketing and Agency

  • Investment sale of a prime residential site by tender
  • Disposal of a property portfolio comprising office premises, retail shops, commercial premises and car parking spaces in Hong Kong.
  • Sale and marketing of residential developments in Shenzhen
  • Disposal of a recreational facility in China by tender
  • Leasing of a luxury duplex in Kowloon Tong
  • Project marketing for land parcels in Hainan
  • Tendering for sale of residential sites in Dongguan and Shunde
  • Project marketing for industrial park in Huizhou
  • Marketing for a hotel project in Shanghai